Review excerpts

" of my festival highlights: Duodectet I and II by Clare Loveday (South Africa). This composer truly embraced the physicality of 15 saxophones, with powerful bass lines underpinning big, fat, rhythmic, vigorous, lyrical sounds, and changing textures - totally exhilarating!" - Jeannie Marsh, World New Music Magazine: Australia. 2010, No 20. International Society for Contemporary Music. pp 186

"Her engagement with the saxophone has been a winning one."- Gwen Ansell, Mail and Guardian, Johannesburg, 30 July to 5 August 2010

"Loveday's Blink is utterly assured and absolutely gripping. She infuses her music with all the energy of downtown Johannesburg: an office building under construction, a swift, practised car theft, a shock wave of immigrants from just outside our borders seeking shelter...There was an unexpected tenderness too. Loveday captured our reality with an elaborate, practised intricacy and the effect was spine-chilling." - Mary Jordan, Business Day, Johannesburg, 9 October 2007

"Sublime Shows: Artist Gerhard Marx and composer Clare Loveday combined powerfully for The Collision Project" - Diane de Beer, The Star, Johannesburg, 27 December 2006

(about The Collision Project): "enthralling aesthetic anarchy" - Adrienne Sichel, The Star, Johannesburg, 3 October 2006

(about The Collision Project) "...taking astonishing risks, impelled by adventurous energy to do countless different things and introducing students to intellectual ideas that are frequently brilliant, visionary and difficult..." - Mary Jordan, The Weekender, Johannesburg, 16 - 17 September 2006

"Johannesburg-based Clare Loveday's Untitled for saxophone quartet [is] a subtle, elusive and elemental piece that explored the saxophone's non-pitched sonorities (air blown freely through the instruments, the scampering clicking of keys and delicately blended tones)." - Brett Pyper, Cue, Grahamstown, 1 July 2006